Invasive Plants at Cypress

How to identify and report them to authorities 

What are invasive plants? 

  1.     Invasive plants are any non-native plant species that have the potential to pose detrimental impacts on humans, animals or ecosystems. They spread rapidly through seeds and roots, and grow almost anywhere.

  2.     “Noxious weeds” are invasive plants that have been designated under the BC Weed Control Act. This legislation imposes a duty on all land occupiers, including the Ministry of Environment (BC Parks) to control a set list of identified invasive plants. See here. This site also has links for photo identification of invasive plants.

  3.      Japanese knotweed and Giant hogweed are both designated as noxious. Scotch broom, while highly invasive, is not designated as noxious. Some invasive plants, like dandelions, may be listed as “nuisance” plants.

Why should we be concerned about invasive plants?

  1.     Once established, invasive plants can displace native vegetation and reduce forage opportunities for wildlife, creating areas that are less ecologically diverse, more costly to maintain, and less aesthetically attractive. Invasive plants can alter water flows, severely degrade riparian zones, destabilize slopes, create fire hazards, and threaten species at risk.  Some invasive plant species can be a concern for human health and safety.

Identifying Invasive Plants – some links to useful sites (beyond Wikipedia)

  1.     Invasive Plant Council of Metro Vancouver website: here.

  2.     Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations: Information about Ministry’s Invasive Alien Plants Program (IAPP) with link to Report-a-Weed here.

  3.     E-Flora BC: Includes a 6-page list of invasive, noxious and nuisance plants in BC here.

Reporting Invasive Plants to Authorities

  1.     Use the provincial Report-A-Weed tool, which can be accessed via here.  Be ready to report specific plant species and location.  Your report is compared to known locations of the plant in BC and is then sent to a provincial invasive plant specialist in the area who will action the report, including adding the location to the provincial Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP) maps here. The Invasive Plant Council of Metro Vancouver should also be notified: here or 604-880-8358. Please also notify Friends of Cypress here.

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